Meet Zed – The fast, collaborative code editor.

We think there's a better way to write code, and it starts with the following assumptions:

Mission-critical tools should be hyper-responsive.

When you move the cursor or type a character, you should see pixels on the next refresh of your display—every time. Even sub-perceptual pauses add up over the course of a day to create unnecessary stress.

Real-time collaboration produces better software.

Pull requests have their place, but sometimes you just want to code together. It's more fun than code review, builds trust between colleagues, and it's one of the best ways to distribute knowledge through a team. But it has to be easy.

If you want someone's perspective on a piece of code, it should be as easy as sending a message to pull them into your working copy and start coding.

Conversations should happen close to code.

If you want to talk about code on GitHub you have to commit and push it first, and pasting code into a chat application sucks.

By treating keystrokes as the fundamental unit of change and integrating chat into the editor, we can make it easy to have a conversation about any line of code in any working copy–whether it was committed last year or just typed ten seconds ago.

Your editor should disappear.

If you're living in a tool for hours every day, every pixel must carry its weight. The software you're creating should always be the focus. So we constantly ask ourselves how we can maximize signal and minimize noise.

Do we need an icon? Do we need a gradient? We all want to achieve mastery. Our goal is to find the most efficient way to accomplish each coding task and make it accessible. We will never dumb things down. Joyful coding starts with an editor that stays out of your way.