Work at Zed

Zed is looking for a systems programmer to help our small team create a new code editor and software collaboration platform. We're working on multiple exciting technologies, including...

  • A custom, GPU-accelerated UI framework
  • Collaborative editing with CRDTs
  • Tree-sitter, an incremental parsing framework created by one of our founders
  • Heavy use of persistent data structures and parallelism
  • Novel property-based testing strategies
  • WebRTC-based video and audio sharing
  • An operation-based version control system that complements Git

Our fully-remote team of 6 engineers frequently pair programs in the tool we are building, and our codebase currently consists of about 140k lines of clean, thoroughly-tested Rust. In addition to the Zed editor, we're also building a tightly-integrated server-side component to facilitate collaboration.

We'd love to hear from you if...

  • You're passionate about great developer tools and like the idea of using Zed to build Zed.
  • You have 5+ years of programming experience and are comfortable being self-directed and leading by example.
  • You have substantial systems programming experience, preferably in Rust, but alternatively in C or C++.
  • You're pro-social, a good communicator, and open to pair programming at least a few hours a week.
  • You know how to maintain code quality while being pragmatic and prioritizing the needs of the customer.
  • You know how to write performant software, including algorithmic analysis and profile-driven optimization.
  • Bonus: You have experience working on code editors, compilers, distributed systems, CRDTs, or real-time graphics.

If this sounds interesting, please send your resume along with a description of an interesting project you've worked on in Rust, C, or C++ that we could talk about.