Work at Zed

Zed is looking for Rust engineers to help us advance the art of code editing. We're developing a new editor with a focus on performance, collaboration and a focused design.

We're working on exciting technologies, including:

  • a custom, GPU-accelerated UI framework,
  • heavy use of parallelism and persistent data structures,
  • conflict-free replicated data types,
  • and an incremental parsing framework called Tree-sitter that was created by one of our founders.

Our codebase consists of about 90,000 lines of well-factored, thoroughly-tested Rust that compiles quickly.

In addition to the Zed editor, we're also developing a server-side component to facilitate collaboration that tightly integrates with the client.

From day one, you'll be building Zed in Zed, working collaboratively in real time with the rest of the team.

We'd love to hear from you if...

  • You're experienced in Rust. You've developed a substantial piece of software or meaningfully contributed to an open source project.

  • You'd be excited to to pair program with us multiple times a week to learn the codebase.

  • You know how to maintain code quality while being pragmatic and prioritizing the needs of the customer.

  • You know how to write performant software, including algorithmic analysis and profile-driven optimization.

  • Bonus: You have experience working on code editors, compilers, distributed systems, CRDTs, or real-time graphics.